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I’m not even sure what to title this. I stopped any reading or homework that I was doing tonight and watched an episode of “Chopped”. I’ve become quite fond of this show…Brittney even stood in the kitchen tonight as I was finishing my chicken tenderloin creation yelling, “1 minute remaining, chef!”. We sat and critiqued the dish….I applauded myself for the fact that there were several different flavors going on in the one dish but that they were not competing with one another. After we finished, I dubbed myself the “new chopped champion.” Anyways…back to reality!

While I was watching “Chopped” I was stalking people on Facebook (don’t judge me!) and came across a couple of folks that I had not talked to in a few years. I had encountered them both at some point during college. I would not say that I was close with either of them nor did I ever hang-out with either of them outside of class. I did believe, however, that both had tremendous aptitude for ministry. I was struck on the first person’s page when I saw that their religious beliefs said “Atheist.” The second person had converted to Islam. I was floored. What could have happened to cause this drastic change in their lives? I had to know.

So, I took my stalking to the next level and looked into their blogs. Without quoting them or linking to their blogs out of respect for their privacy I just want to share what struck me as common to both. It seems to me that the biggest complaint either of them had against Christianity was a lack of accountability/hypocrisy.

They both cited the fact that they had encountered Christians who either lived a lie or hid behind their Christianity to justify their lifestyle. They were turned off by this fake brand of Christianity and it drove them both away from the Christian faith…one to a different faith, the other to an abandonment of faith.

This hurts me, it bothers me. To think that our “freedom in Christ” means that we can get away with any type of action or behavior without some type of accountability because “Jesus paid it all” really misses the boat. I admit that I have been guilty of hiding behind my faith to justify a sinful behavior, or avoided acknowledging that what I was partaking in was a sinful behavior altogether….and I pray God’s forgiveness….especially where my actions have pushed others away from faith.

Wake up, Christians! We can’t keep getting drunk every weekend and justify it by saying “Jesus drank wine.” You’re right there is nothing wrong with drinking…but the amount you put back and the way it makes you act….think about it.

We can’t keep exploiting people and calling it good business.

We can’t keep engaging in extra-marital relationships and calling it “love”.

We can’t make excuses especially when we know what we’re doing is wrong…”I know it’s wrong…but I can’t stop now.”

I am not trying to judge, I am not trying to be mean. This is as much for me as it is for anyone else. Wake up, Christians! We’re damaging our witness in the world!

Wake up, Christians! The world is watching! My favorite professor in Bible College used to say, “whether you want to be a preacher or not, your life preaches a sermon through the way you live…What are you preaching?”

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