I thought today would be like any other day. I planned on going out and digging out the rest of the front walkway and finishing up my sermon for Sunday. Then I got the opportunity to call a friend that I have not talked to in 6 months or so. We used to work together in ministry but have each gone our own way.

She has gotten things settled in her life and is now “retired” (I doubt this person will ever truly retire). We got to catch up with each other. We talked about what is going on with my ministry up here, what is going on in her life. We joked about the past and poked fun at some situations that had previously caused us both headaches. We talked about everything from Church all the way to motorcycles and the impending death of land-line telephones. Before I knew it, we had been on the phone for two hours….quite uncharacteristic for me to spend more than 10 minutes on the phone. It was so good to catch up, she even gave me some much needed words of encouragement as we approach Fusion’s first monthly service.

The reason I tell you all this is… you have a friend that you’ve fallen out of touch with? You were close but its been some time since you talked? Call this person! E-Mail them! Facebook them! Reconnect with them and I promise, it will bless your day!

One thought on “ReConnect

  1. I couldn’t agree more-call that person, but thanks to you Larry, it was such a terrific call and I know God was there. God will be with you this Sunday and the 27th and every Sunday. You have a vision that God gave you and God will see that it becomes a reality because that is what God does! Prayers are with you through this. Thanks for making my day-another God sighting for my journal!

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