Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Last night was such a long night…..long, but good overall.  I went to the Cubs/Cards game at Wrigley. It was a really good game, it was everything you’d expect out of the I-55 rivalry. The Cubs have actually looked like a ball club since the all-star break instead of a girl scout troop, and the Cards are battling for first place with the Reds.  I got to go with my wife, my buddy AC, and my best friend. Us three guys got to go to a game several years ago together and I really enjoy it when we’re all together.

Few things give me more pleasure than watching America’s favorite pastime. I really don’t discriminate between watching it on television, or live whether it be little league, high school, or professional. I love the roar of the crowd, their cheers, their boos at umpires. I love the zing of the ball and the sound when a team serves up some lumber. Even though my team lost last night, I still loved it. I do not care who is playing, I’ll watch it….I just love the game.

One of the things that does, however, bring me more pleasure than watching baseball, is watching it with my wife. I knew I had someone special the first time we watched a ballgame on tv together when we started dating. Now, she may not share my intensity for Sunday afternoon football, but when it comes to baseball she’s right there. She loves the game almost as much as I do. We watch random games together on tv, we love to watch ESPN’s top plays each evening. When we get the opportunity to see a game at Busch or Wrigley, I relish every minute of it. I always remember my mom just looking around for what kind of vendor was coming next and getting up every 5 minutes. Not Brittney. She’s just as glued to her seat as I am.

As much as I love baseball, as much as I love going to a game with my best friend and other friends, I love my wife more…and I love it that she loves the greatest game on earth!….even if she is a Cards fan.

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