Clergy Appreciation Month


After reading Robb McCoy’s blog I thought I should take some time to appreciate all the pastors in my life!

Keith Zimmerman, my district superintendent who has been a constant source of encrouagement and support.

Bob Swickard, who has served as my candidacy mentor despite his insane schedule as a pastor at Springfield First.

Deron Boyer, started off as a teacher at L2P school but became a close friend and confidant. We’re movie buddies, even though he’s a cards fan.

Dan Perry, who is so much like me its not even funny! I hope when I get to be his age, God will have used me 1/2 as much.

Casey Taylor, for always being willing to have an intelligent conversation.

Arthur Roemer, who’s always loved me even though I’m Methodist (he’s Christian Church).

Grant Armstrong, man I wish I had his sense of style!

Dan Garvin, for showing me that pastors can still have fun.

Nelson Reiber, for showing me a life of prayer.

Chuck and Barb Anthony, their love for God and eachother inspires me. And chuck makes a mean cup of coffee!

Mark Amenda, need I say more?

Bishop Palmer, somedays I just need to hear a good sermon.

Pamela Hoffman, for being my very first pastor as a brand new Christian teen and for encouraging me in discerning my call to ministry.

My list, like others, could go on and on and on with all the Pastors in my life. For all these and more, I appreciate and love you all!

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