Healing Rain

I’m one of those weirdos who tries to find a song to fit every situation. I’ve been thinking lately about what has been happening at CUMC that last couple of weeks. There are a lot of words that I could use to describe it, but I’ll only need one….Biblical. Something has been stirring for some time now. I’ve been told so many times how the church as been, “just hanging on” for such a long time. Af far as a bell-curve lifecycle for churches goes…they were about ready to bottom out. For some time now, I feel like we’ve started to level the plane out. Our worship attendance has increased, giving has been up and like I said, something has been stirring.

I feel like it all came to a head last Sunday on Pentecost (imagine that). Our theme was “Holy Spirit, Rain Down.” I noted during the sermon that unfortunately, Acts 2 has been used to defend one theological position over another for a very long time: speaking in tongues as a sign of true belief, function and form of baptism, etc. I think that the main thrust of the Pentecost passage in Acts 2 is “they were all together in one place.” Some translations say that they were of “one accord”. That stirring began again. Whenever we come together in one place in one accord, something powerful happens..and it did last Sunday.We had a healing service during the invitation time and played “Healing Rain” over the speakers. To say that it was powerful would be an understatement. The whole church came together in that one accord. There was no concept of someone coming for anointing by themself. The whole church stood along side them as I prayed and anointed them with oil. Our service was over nearly 1/2 an hour later than normal….and nobody cared. The Holy Spirit showed up. I was in total awe all day at what God did in our little church.

This Sunday, was a very emotional one. First, Joe was back in church for the first time since before Christmas. Joe had open-heart surgery, and then had a stroke in the hospital. We weren’t sure what was going to happen with him. He had a long road. Joe, I believe, is a recipient of HEALING RAIN. So it was great to have him back. Then, we bid farewell to our pianist, Barb, who was so much more than just a pianist. Her humor and love for her church were things that helped to hold the church together for so long. We are in need of healing rain to help us move past her absense. And finally, Brandon preached. Brandon is 17. He has sensed a call to ministry and is still discerning what that looks like for him. But he preached for the first time, and he blew everyone away. God’s spirit is defintely with him.

Healing Rain has been my song as of late, because I feel it raining down on our little church. It’s coming nearer to this old town! Healing Rain is bringing comfort, strength, joy, and Revival!

Something is stirring….something is growing…..something is raining down!

Do it again, God. Do it again!

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