Consulting, Teaching, and Speaking.

I’ve been active in local church leadership since I first began to follow Jesus after my freshman year of high school. I have served as a youth pastor, solo pastor of a rural congregation, church planter, associate pastor of a large church, and now as the lead pastor of a growing multi-generational congregation. For over 21 years I have been mentored by incredible men and women who have shaped who I am as a pastor and leader. Now I want to give back to local churches, pastors, and leaders. I am not a guru, nor do I have all the answers. However, I believe I have a vision for the renewal of the local church: missionally and structurally.


I am available to speak or preach at your church in worship or at an event.


My doctoral research was in the area of the Blended Ecology and Dual Transformation. I’d be privileged to lead a workshop for your leaders and congregation about how to maximize and renew the existing church while simultaneously creating new growth opportunities for the future Church. The workshop is entitled “Temples, Synagogues, and Tents.”

Leadership Coaching

I’ve been blessed with incredible coaches through the years, and want to offer the same to others. Contact me today to craft a plan of regular ministry or leadership coaching to develop into the leader God has gifted you to become.


Contact me today to meet with your leadership for consultation regarding current reality, structural streamlining (I’m a certified simplified accountable structure coach), and missional engagement opportunities.